Hi, I am Reeti Agarwal

I am in the pursuit of making a documentary film of my own! Otherwise, I would like to associate myself as a visual artist. My journey started at the age of 13yrs with clicking still photographs to video editing and documentary films.

To pursue this passion of mine, I did my undergrad from Bennett university, studying B.A Honours in Mass Communication and Journalism (Specialising in Broadcast Journalism). Further up, I worked at ThePrint for one and a half year as a video Journalist.

Being a journalist, you are in this constant journey of finding out the truth. Alongside this also the beginning of my spiritual path, the ultimate search for the truth about existence…

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I was born in the city of Taj, a paradise for photographers and travellers from all around the world. As a kid when internet was not  widely available, my window of exposure were travellers from all around the world hosted by my father through couch surfing. I was really fascinated with them carrying big cameras and traveling. Which is why I bought my first point and shoot camera when I was 13-years-old. 

Along side in my initial days, Lonely Planet magazine helped me shape a visual sense of photographs!

Eventually, I realised the power of photographs, how a photograph can change the world. I really enjoyed shooting in my school days. My camera became my best friend and it helped me balance the stress from studies too. 

Once I joined the train of photography and videography, it's like I never turned back...