Hi, I am Reeti Agarwal

I am currently working in the video team for ThePrint. Did my undergraduate from Bennett University with a B.A Honours in Mass Communication and Journalism (Specialisation in Broadcast Journalism). 

Not being the brightest student in school, is used to find difficulty retaining information or reading a lot of written texts (basically books). Eventually when I discovered visual formats of information like Youtube, documentaries, and films. It gave me comfort in understanding information better. Alongside, I bought my first camera at 13years of age! And I was already communicating through my camera. 
Over these years, my interest which started with photography expanded into a broader spectrum of visuals as a medium to communicate. I use photos and videos as my form of expression with great interest in documentary films and photojournalism. 

Besides my camera, I have other hobbies like motorbiking, spirituality, playing the didgeridoo(an ancient Australian instrument), and drums. 

My purpose and passion in life are to keep telling stories through my camera in the hope to create equal opportunities for all. 

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I was born in the city of Taj, a paradise for photographers from all around the world. As a kid, we hosted a lot of travellers from all around the world through couch surfing. I was really fascinated with them carrying big cameras and traveling. Which is why I bought my first point and shoot camera when I was 13-years-old. 

Eventually, I realized the power of photographs, how a photograph can change the world. I really enjoyed shooting in my school days. My camera became my best friend and it helped me balance the stress from studies too. 

Once I joined the train of photography and videography, it's like I never turned back...