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The perfect guide to getting lost in the royalty of Jaipur !

In the era of governments and democracy, kings and queens feel limited to history books and films. Travelling to Jaipur brings it all to reality, the rich culture of that city will immerse you in its stories and royalties.

While visiting the monuments and forts, movies like Jodha Akbar were playing in my mind.

I travelled to Jaipur in the month of June with my siblings. Though the best time to travel is in Oct- Nov since the weather then is pleasant.

We stayed at The Barwara Kothi, Jacob Road, the location of the homestay was very central which made travelling to monuments easy and nearby.

The highlight of the trip was The City Palace. The royal family of Jaipur still continues its lineage and lives at the city palace. The royal family has its own flag consisting 5 colours, denoting the title Sewai given to the king of Jaipur. The flag was seen waving at the City palace, Jaigargh fort and several shops in Jaipur. While interacting with the guide at the City palace I sensed the respect the people of Jaipur have for their current king, who is just 20 years old, studying in England.

How to reach Jaipur?

Jaipur is well connected with flights, buses, train and by road. I started my journey from Agra, taking a bus to Jaipur.

Where to visit in Jaipur ?

- The first place I would recommend going is The City Palace. The vibrant colours and architecture is a must see. Its a delight for photographers, the sharp doors and walls of the palace are amazing. It will also walk you through the current life of the royal family. As an Indian citizen, we didn’t expect the tickets to be expensive but apparently The City Palace is a private property of the king, therefore the tickets are expensive for Indians too. But the ticket was worth the price.

- Second, I would recommend is the Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar. Both the monuments are close to each other and a must see. We visited the Hawa Mahal on a hot afternoon but the moment we climbed up to the top most floor of the mahal, the breezes blowing were relaxing and refreshing. The market around Hawa Mahal is interesting for shopping and street photography too. Jantar Mantar is a natural clock directed by the rays of sun. Its a pretty interesting place to visit as well.

- The third place is The Amber palace, Jaigarh fort and Jal Mahal. The best time to visit these forts is during the sunset. You can reach these forts by jeeps, elephants or trekking. The fort was named Amber, meaning touching the heaven, because of its high altitude. Also visit the villages near Amber fort to explore the art of block printing by natural colours. You can visit the Jal mahal on your way to the forts.

- The fourth place is the Albert hall with its intricate architecture. It is a museum built in the old days. Its a good place to shoot some different photographs.

- Fifth, is the Patrika gate. This is not just a simple gate, it will amuse you with its architecture.It more of a place to shoot some crazy depth photos.

Where to eat?

1. Palladio Bar - This place is for Italian and Indian food. The inside gives a very retro vibe with its decor and ambience.

2. Palladio cafe - This place is for Turkish food. If you are a vegetarian, this is not the best place to eat.

3. Tapri cafe- If you are up for some tasty spicy food, then this is your place.

4. Dzurt Patisserie and Cafe- Its a great place to try out desserts, everything on their menu is must haha.

5. Tattoo cafe - This place located facing the Hawa mahal with a fantastic view and a goos spot to click the for of the Hawa Mahal.

I hope this will guide you planning your trip better. I would highly recommend having Jaipur on your travel list.

Lastly I would share, when I looked out of the windows of Hawa Mahal and saw the metro construction. I realised and hoped for the city to develop along with preserving its culture and rich history.

Happy Traveling !

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