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Hesitant to make your first solo female trip in India? here’s where you should go !

Solo traveling is one of the checklists in everyone’s bucket list. Solo travelling has personally helped me shape my personality, build my confidence and made me independent. Travelling in India as female solo traveler can be challenging, surprisingly I found NAGALAND in north east India to make your perfect safe solo trip.

The people of Nagaland are super helpful, polite and there’s no language problem as Nagaland has 85% literacy rate. Majority of the people in Nagaland know English which makes communicating easy. The hospitality of Naga people is worth experiencing, there are very welcoming and comforting.

You can literally roam around the streets post 9PM in Nagaland. I remember trekking to a camp near my homestay at 8PM alone.

Experiencing hitchhiking seems impossible in India being a girl, but surprisingly I hitchhiked twice in Nagaland. And the experience was pretty amazing. I actually made such good friends with the local people there.

Nagaland despite being home to many tribal people is a very progressive state with strong and independent women. I noticed most of the women were working equal to men in business/ farms/homestays etc. This sort of environment gives a comfortable space for female travelers.

There is so much more to experience in Nagaland with the rich scenic beauty, pop music culture, traditional diversity, crazy nonveg food. In Nagaland you will experience a whole different eating culture, people here eat pork, beef, silkworms, monkeys, dogs, mutton, frogs and the list goes on and on.

This trip was my first travel to North East India, and the general perception being North east to be a disturbed area/secluded from rest of the country. My Mother accompanied me on this trip, because I am was further travelling to a very remote region of Nagaland bordering Myanmar with poor mobile network.

But now that I have travelled to Kohima, Kigwema and Dimapur in Nagaland, I can assure Nagaland to be one of the safest places to travel solo for the first time.

With the fierce Konyak tribal ladies of Nagaland.

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